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Management Committee
(rear), Sylvia McGee, Peter van Boeschoten, Peter Doyle, Alison Green, Beth Sweetnam, Mark Darroch, Bill Eng, Ron Armstrong
(front) Martha Maslen, Ruth Wakeford, Mary Jones, Marg Demers, Barbara Bole Stafford, Maureen Donaghy, Jean Eng, Marie Armstrong

Your Management Committee 2017-2018

Management Committee

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Past Presidents of Probus Western Ottawa (formerly Probus Kanata)

2016-2017 Beth Sweetnam 2009-2010
Frank Smith 2003-2004 Ian Howes
2014-2016 Vernon Sulway 2008-2009 David Stafford 2002-20032 Don Stewart
2013-2014 Peter Doyle 2007-2008 Mary Jones 2001-2002 Glenson Jones
2012-2013 Peter van Boeschoten 2006-2007 Don Davis 2000-2001 Gus Nelson
2011-2012 Ruth Howes 2005-2006 Peter Doyle 1999-2000 Joyce Shaheen
2010-2011 Larry Durst 2004-2005 Mary Mills 1998-1999 Davis Pope

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